The Labyrinth Project of Frankfort
Dedicated to bringing labyrinths to Frankfort
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The seeds for the Labyrinth Project of Frankfort were sown several years ago, but only just recently germinated in the painting of Frankfort’s first public labyrinth in the Dolly Graham Park in South Frankfort.  After looking for appropriate spaces, a few people walked a temporary labyrinth there in July 2012.  The spot felt right for a labyrinth.  Personal tragedy stalled the project that fall, but with renewed energy and encouragement from the Frankfort Parks Dept. the labyrinth, painted like the famous Chartres Labyrinth in France, came into being in early October 2013.  Drawing the design took three people three hours.  The painting took seven hours with as many as six people working simultaneously.  The labyrinth is named for Winnie A. Scott, a teacher who established a hospital for African Americans in the early 20th century on East Second Street very near the park.  Since labyrinths are thought of as places of healing and meditation, the name chosen seems most appropriate.
Watch for new events in 2014.

Dedication Ceremony
On Sunday at 2:30pm there will be a celebration ceremony for the Winne A Scott Labyrinith.  Everybody is welcome.

Be sure to read the article by Charlie Pearl in the State Journal (Frankfort newspaper on 11/22/2013).


Art's Electric "loaned" us their BIG bucket truck.  Well not exactly "loaned".  Chris from Art's Electric drove the truck and served as our "sky pilot" to take several photographers high into the air for some pictures from a very special vantage point.


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Be sure to come walk The Labryinth by candle light on New Year's Eve.