The Labyrinth Project of Frankfort
Dedicated to bringing labyrinths to Frankfort
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Here is a list of people and companies that have helped make this a reality.
Suzanne Gray (
Russ Hatter
Bob Lanham
Connie May (Chrysalis Natural Landscapes)
Frankfort Parks Department Employees
  Jim Parrish
  Jim McCarty
  Tom Roberts
  John Rodgers
  Julia Rome
Andrea Mueller (Inside Out Design)
Charlie Pearl
Mark Strickland (SimplyBASICsoftware)
Gene Burch Photography
The State Journal
The helpful employees at Sherwin Williams
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Art Montfort at Art's Electric and Chris for driving the bucket truck
Linda Arnold
Betty Beshoar
Kelly Everman
Margi Jones
Fonda McWilliams
Ida Palmer-Ball
Mary Frank Slaughter
Don Stosberg
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